Working Coference Held on Academic Centre Construction

日期: 2005-04-12 阅读: 来源: 关键词:
  On September 9,2005 the working conference on 2005’s academic centre construction of Lanzhou University(LZUACC) is held in room 201 of Shao’s Science Centre. It is chaired by chief of educational administration, Zhang Zhengguo and attended by standing vice president, Li Lian as well as staff of the leading group of LZUACC, all members of ACC expert committee, leaders of each ACC group and other concerned functional sections.

  The conference begins with vice president, Zhang Yingmei’s report on the 2004’s ACC, including the assessment results of the geographical, physics, chemical and biological centres, and the plan of ACC in 2005. Then leaders and teachers of concerned departments make report on the construction and development situation of respective academic centre. Based on the assessment and recommendation of the expert group, chief of educational administration, Zhang Zhengguo analyses problems and difficulties in constructing and improving academic centres, pointing out that the four academic centres should study suggestions of the expert group carefully and work out the rectifying measures as soon as possible. As to the problems and difficulties confronting each academic centre, the educational administration will report them to the concerned leaders, making every effort to get the quickest solution.   

  At the end of the conference, Li Lian, standing vice president, draws the conclusion that basic science research is the source of and the impetus to the development of national economics and society, thus we should put sufficient emphasis on the construction of fostering centre for the researching and teaching personnel and make academic centres duly function as “exemplary and experimental field” of elite education to manifest LZU’s organizing feature and its orientation for undergraduate education, namely, “comprehensive development, first-class quality” . Combined with his own understanding, Li also points out the meaning and feature of “elite education”, that is , students educated should possess “elite awareness”, “elite knowledge”, “elite ability” and “ elite accomplishment”, which also produces the requirement and goal, not only new but also higher and more consisent with the time, for the future work of ACC..